No Credit Check Payday Loans

Get a Loan with No Credit Check?

Can I Get a No Credit Check Loan in NZ?

What are “no credit check loans”? They consist of a sum of money that a lender lends to a person, typically for a short period of time. When the lender decides to provide the loan, they do not place emphasis on bad credit, and hence they do not check credit. You may be wondering whether we offer this type of loan. We are not a direct lender, but an introducer of loans. We work with many registered financial providers in NZ.

Some of these companies may desire to check your credit, while others will not. It will depend on circumstances, such as how much you wish to borrow and for how long. It also may depend on the type of work you do, or benefits you receive. Ultimately, we can not guarantee your credit won’t be checked, however, if your main concern is that you wouldn’t qualify, you will never know until you try. You may be pleasantly surprised. Please click the “apply now” button and submit your application today.

Most people who are looking for a “no credit check loan” are doing so because they feel as though they have poor credit. Many people are in that situation. Fortunately, payday loans rely more on the fact that you are receiving weekly or monthly pay cheques. Not all lenders require credit checks, some rely strictly upon your employment. You can qualify if you are on benefits as well. If you are in an emergency financial crunch and need money right away, click apply and receive a quick decision on whether our lenders can lend to you.

If I have bad credit, can I get a no credit check loan?

Many people who feel their credit is less than stellar desire to receive a bad credit loan that involves no credit check. No credit check loans are helpful if you believe you have poor credit yet still need an emergency loan. Some of the companies we work with offer this type, others do not. The best way to know whether you can qualify for a loan is to submit your application. You will receive a quick decision. If you are employed or are currently receiving fixed payments from benefits, your chances are higher that you can receive a loan, without a credit check.

Can I get loans with no credit checks if on benefits?

If you are receiving benefits, it is possible to get a loan, even if unemployed and without a credit check. However, if you are not receiving fixed payments of any kind, you will likely be refused — or you will have to have a credit check. While we have lenders we work with who may lend money, even if you are unemployed, they will be wanting to perform a credit check or they will want to see that you are receiving benefits of some kind that can help you to repay the amount you owe.

What if I have no credit at all?

Some people have bad credit, but a problem that many people have is they have no credit. That means they have not had enough transactions in the real world, where they have borrowed money and paid it back in a timely manner, to establish a paper trail proving they are a credible borrower. What can you do if you are in this situation? One option is to get a loan through us. Then, make certain you make timely repayments. Ultimately, this will help establish your credit so that in the future, you can qualify for a cheaper, more conventional sort of loan (as from a bank).

What are no credit check payday loans?

They are where a person is employed and wishes to get a loan based on their employment and the fact they will repay with future employment cheques. They desire to get this type of loan unsecured (no collateral), and do not wish to have a check performed on their credit. As we state elsewhere on this page, we are an introducer and work with many lending companies, some of which do perform credit checks, others do not. If your main concern is that you won’t qualify, you won’t know until you try. We encourage you to submit your application, even if you feel you have bad credit.

Can you get a loan with no credit check with no job?

You will either have to rely on your credit score, or show some sort of income. That income doesn’t necessarily have to come from a job. You may qualify to borrow money if you are on benefits and receiving a weekly or monthly payout. This is only common sense, as lenders will want to make certain you can afford to repay your loan. If you are on benefits, it is feasible to get a loan with no credit check — however, without any sort of income it will be very unlikely that you will qualify for a loan. These are called beneficiary loans.

Payday Loans With No Credit Checks Amount Loaned Interest Repayable Direct Lender Bad Credit
Credit On Demand $400 $128.00 1213.00%

Representative Example:
Loan amount $400 repayable over 28 days, Total amount repayable $487.36, Interest: $87.36 Interest rate 284% p.a. fixed.

Bongaloans $1000 $128.00 1272.00%

Representative Example:
Representative example: Amount of credit $300 for 30 days. Total amount repayable $372. Interest $72. Interest rate 292% p.a fixed. Representative 1272% APR (variable).

Ferratum $500 $133.00 1190.00%

Representative Example:
Representative Example: Amount of credit $300 for 37 days. Interest $88.80. Interest rate 292% p.a. (fixed). Representative 1190% APR. Total amount repayable by one repayment of $388.80.

Direct Money $1000 $133.00 2333.90%

Representative Example:
Amount of credit $100 for 30 days. A $5 Faster Payment Fee will be deducted form your loan. Interest $25.Total amount payable $125. Interest rate 300% pa (Fixed). Single repayment of $125 Representative APR 2333.9%

247Moneybox $400 $133.72 1284.30%