What are No Credit Check Loans?

A loan with no credit check is performed for people who people wishing to borrow money, but typically are afraid their credit score would prevent them from qualifying. If you need a loan and are afraid a credit check would disqualify you, continue reading. Lenders who offer “payday loan” types of lending generally are accustomed to dealing with people who do not have perfect credit scores. If you have bad credit and need a loan, we may be able to help.

What are "No Credit Check" Loans?

Do We Provide No Credit Check Loans?

What is a no credit check loan, and do we provide them? They are a means of applying for a loan that doesn't require your credit to be checked, to determine whether or not you have bad credit. We are a introducer of loans to many loan companies who are regulated by the NZ government. It is up to each individual loan company whether they perform a credit check. Some may require one, others will not. An answer to the question is will your credit be checked if you submit an application to us, the answer would be "sometimes".

Don't let this discourage you from submitting an application if your main concern is that you wouldn't qualify for a loan if your credit is checked. We specialise in matching affordable loans to people who need funds quickly. These are small loans that can typically be repaid with your next pay cheque or benefits payment. It is free to apply, and you can get a quick decision on acceptance, so apply today!

No Credit Check Payday Loans for Bad Credit

We are credit brokers and as such, we work with partners to find you the best loan from among many NZ government registered financial service providers. All the lenders we work with are approved with the NZ government, and each one has different requirements regarding whether they perform a credit check or not. It is up to each lender whether or not they perform a check -- but understand that most lenders who offer payday loans realise that the bulk of applicants have less than perfect credit.

Therefore, getting a personal loan with no credit check is not possible in all circumstances. Some of our lenders place a larger emphasis on your employment. If you have a good job, chances are higher that you will not get a credit check. Other factors, like the time you've spent at your current residence, can be a large factor as well.

Payday Loans With No Credit ChecksAmount LoanedInterestRepayableDirect Lender Bad Credit
Credit On Demand$400$128.001213.00%

Representative Example:
Loan amount $400 repayable over 28 days, Total amount repayable $487.36, Interest: $87.36 Interest rate 284% p.a. fixed.


Representative Example:
Representative example: Amount of credit $300 for 30 days. Total amount repayable $372. Interest $72. Interest rate 292% p.a fixed. Representative 1272% APR (variable).


Representative Example:
Representative Example: Amount of credit $300 for 37 days. Interest $88.80. Interest rate 292% p.a. (fixed). Representative 1190% APR. Total amount repayable by one repayment of $388.80.

Direct Money$1000$133.002333.90%

Representative Example:
Amount of credit $100 for 30 days. A $5 Faster Payment Fee will be deducted form your loan. Interest $25.Total amount payable $125. Interest rate 300% pa (Fixed). Single repayment of $125 Representative APR 2333.9%


What are Easy Loans in NZ?

Is it easy to get a loan in NZ? Find out now by submitting your application. It only takes a few moments and you can discover first-hand that it is possible to get a quick loan from us. Sometimes loans can be provided same-day. Sometimes next day, or within 24 hours. While this won't be the situation every time, it's possible to get a no credit check loan through us as some of the lenders we work with do not require one.

No Credit Loans for People on Benefits

Another case where you can qualify for a loan, with a lesser chance of having your credit checked, is if you are on benefits. Receiving fixed monthly payments can qualify you for a no credit check beneficiary loan. Again, this is up to the individual lenders who we work with.

If you live in NZ and need a no credit check payday loan, consider submitting your application with us today. While we cannot guarantee your credit will not be checked, if your concern is that you would not qualify -- realise that every day we arrange loans for hundreds of people and most do not have good credit. It is completely free to apply, and you will receive a very quick decision on whether you qualify. Submit your application today, and thank you for visiting Kiwi Cash.

No Credit Check Beneficiary Loans

What are loans for beneficiaries? They are loans that are provided to someone based on their receiving benefits of some sort. These can be government benefits, income received from a trust, receiving money from a will or structured payments from a court settlement, you could be eligible for a beneficiary loan. These are also called "loans for benefits".

One thing to note about this type of loan is that you could potentially qualify for one, even if you are not employed. There are many types of income, employment is but one type. There are many lenders who will consider your unconventional type of income as a basis for lending you a loan. Their main concern is that the loan is affordable to you, or in other words, you have a means to repay your loan from future income.

What are Quick Cash Loans No Credit Checks?

Looking for a fast online loan that doesn't check credit? While we can't guarantee you won't have a credit check (as explained above, some of the lenders we work with require it, others do not), we can certainly help you on the speed end. Our entire process is handled online. It is an easy loan, so apply today to get your quick payday loan.

Online Loans NZ

Do you need a fast cash online loan in NZ and are worried that you have no collateral to put against it? Apply for a no security loan here. All of the loans you can find available through us do not require security. Whether you are looking for loans for benefits, or loans for unemployed, or loans for bad credit, all are offered with no security required.

Get an online loan from Kiwi Cash by submitting your application and having it reviewed by a number of lending companies interested in funding your request. Our entire process is operated online, you will not have to visit our location in order to pick up your cash. This makes it a quick loan, sometimes you can get your cash same day, others within 24 hours -- it is free to apply and only takes a moment, so submit your application today!

What is a no credit check payday loan?

They are a type of borrowing money that a person does when they are short on cash for an immediate expense. That person typically repays the loan with their next pay cheque, which may come from their employment, or if a person is intersted in beneficiary payday loans NZ. A payday loan with no credit checks implies that, when the person applies, that a credit check will not be performed. You may be wondering whether our company provides these types of loans.

We are an introducer of loans, meaning we take your application and provide the details to several companies which are regulated by the country of NZ to lend money. Depending on how much you want to borrow, what type of company you work for, or how much you receive in benefits, one of these loan companies may or may not desire to run a credit check. While your credit may be checked if you submit your application through us, it does not happen 100% of the time.

People will want to avoid having their credit checked when they feel it may prevent them from borrowing, because they do not believe it will qualify them to borrow. If that is your situation, realise that every day we are able to provide loans to many people who feel their credit wasn't good enough. It is free to apply and only takes a few moments of your time to fill out the application, so we encourage you to submit your loan for consideration today.