How To Save Money on a Divorce

Divorce happens to at least 50% of married couples and the stress of a divorce can feel overbearing at times. Not only is divorce often accompanied by feelings of guilt, failure, anger, frustration, and every other human emotion but a divorce can also financially destroy you. While not every divorce ends up in alimony and child support you need to focus on the bigger picture when faced with a divorce. If you ask any divorced couple most people will say the battle was the most stressful part of getting a divorce and you should not have to endure any more emotional pain than the fact your marriage is ending. Some ways to save money on a divorce revolve simply around being honest with yourself and putting things in perspective.

Would you rather Pay a Lawyer or Save for your Children’s College?

Divorce lawyers are expensive and most divorces can be handled without the need for 21 meetings and bargaining about who gets the couch or the new TV. Stay away from reacting with spite and you will see much lower legal bills where the money can be used to help fund your kids’ education or help you start a new life.

Be the Better Person

It’s hard to be nice to a spouse who has decided to end the marriage. People change and often there is nothing you can do except make a clean break. If it was meant to be he/she will come back but don’t live in fantasy land waiting for them to knock on your door. You need to live your life and move on. If that means accepting fault, giving up more in your divorce or simply avoiding conflict you will save money and stress.

Work with a Lawyer who charges a Fixed Rate

The downside of this is that the best lawyers charge hourly but for most mere mortals with a 401k account and a couple of grand in the bank you don’t need Donald Trump’s lawyers to draw up the terms of a divorce. Ask around for lawyer recommendations and be honest about your ability to pay and what expectations you have for divorce. Many lawyers will take your case on with a fixed fee and a small retainer.

Your Time is Money!

Some divorces take years while others take only a few months. How long do you want the divorce proceedings to go on when you know there is no hope of reconciliation? The longer a divorce takes the more expensive it will quite likely be. Your time is an intangible asset and the cost of pursuing a lengthy battle will not only cost you more but also keep unwanted stress in your life. Avoid a long battle and move on.

There are many other things you can do to save money on a divorce but most of them surround cutting down on your legal expenses. If you choose to hire a lawyer and contest a divorce then it can be expensive but if both of you know its over deep down focus on what’s best for the children and yourselves. This can often mean giving up a little more than you might want to but most of these “must-have” things are simply items of pride. Many of your friends are probably divorced and if you ask any of them the price for an ugly divorce – most will say just give them what they want and move on.

Life is about living … not dealing with divorce attorneys.

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