Financial Planning is Not Only About Saving Money

Welcome back to our financial planning guide! If you read the last article on this site about making small changes that make a big difference and you did the exercise I recommended on that article, then you are on your way of creating a good financial plan. Anyway, you should keep in mind that financial planning is not just about saving money, it is about spending money as well, it is about living your life the way you always wanted, it is about making your own decisions, about controlling your time and every little aspect of your life. A good financial plan is not just about planning well your retirement, it is about getting through all the experiences in your life without having your own financial crisis.

Everyone has different goals and objectives, that is why some people make a plan that involves working forever but without stressing out about financial challenges, other people make a plan that involves becoming wealthy, other people make plans that do not require working that much or even saving money they are just ok with their current situation and they already have a plan to maintain that lifestyle. Almost everyone has a financial plan even if they did not plan it. If people take the time to learn a few things through some great resources like this website, books and any other source of financial planning information, then they can make some changes that will have a great impact on their financial situation, very positive changes for their financial future. Just by sitting and writing down a few things, creating a few rules to abide will make a huge difference, of course, it is not just about writing down some stuff, it is about taking action.

So as I just said a financial plan is way more than just about the money, it is about living your life that you want to live it. I can’t stop stressing about this issue, because many people do not do it even if they are financially safe because they rely on their paycheck. A good financial plan is basically about being free, about not being scared of any change that might come up, like losing a job and a paycheck, it is about not being worried even if you do lose your job and your paycheck. If you do not feel like that right now then your financial plan is not complete yet! But don’t worry we will get there soon enough!

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In the last article, I talked about how to begin your own plan, I gave you some ideas on how to make some small changes that would have a great impact on your own economy in no time. If you did that right then you must be saving some good money by now, or you are on your way of doing so. But remember it is not just about saving money, it is also about doing something with that money that you are saving to make your financial future even better, not just in the long term, we want to make positive changes for our short term plans as well. What’s the point of saving all that money for retirement if you did not live your life how you wanted to? Soon you will be in a retirement home where the money is not the issue, and you will have saved a lot of money that is not going to be enjoyed the way it should have been enjoyed.

So remember good financial planning is not just about long term objectives but also about short term positive changes that will allow you to enjoy your life even more. The idea of performing the exercise I talked about in the first article is to start saving money, savings that you will then use to make investments. Remember that investments are part of a good solid financial plan. Some of you may think, ah those measly dollars that I’m saving won’t allow me to invest on any business venture. Hold it right there, because you are wrong!

There are tons of ways to make investments that do not require a lot of money and that can make you a lot of money. Just take a look at Alex Tew, who was in desperate need of securing his education and came up with an idea of creating a website to sell pixels for $1 dollar, and his idea was to sell one million ad spaces, and he did! Alex Tew created the million dollar homepage at 21. So the next time that you think that saving money won’t allow you to make money because the amount of money that you will be able to save is not enough to make any kind of investment, then stop right there and think about the $1 million dollar homepage that only required a small investment of $100 dollars.

That was just one example of thousands of examples that can be exposed. Just by performing the exercise on the first article for a year, believe me, that you will have money to invest, if you do it for three years or five, well the sky’s the limit. My last article talked about making small changes, simple adjustments to improve your financial situation, in the next article on saving money, we will think about more sources from which you can make some money and put it on the side on your savings account.

Financial Planning is not just about saving money, but it is the first door that must be opened if you want to secure your financial future in the long and short term. As I told you before it is about saving money, making money and living your life how you want to!