7 Side Jobs for Extra Cash

Today’s article is going to be short and sweet. I’m going to be talking about five side hustles that you can start right now. You can start these today. I’ve tried every single one of these, some I’m doing right now. I’m going to talk about the process of getting signed up to do some of these and my experience in doing them. This should give you some ideas if you’re looking to make some extra cash while you’re employed full time. It can even help you if between jobs (like myself). This can both both occupy your time and bring in some cash flow. You can even have some fun with it!

Here are five side hustles that can actually turn into full-time gigs. These are ideas for you to make some more money and meant to be something on the side. They can help you occupy your time if you’re looking for some ideas on how to make extra income. Some of these could pay your bills for you, or more depending on how often you’re doing them.


The first option is Poshmark. It is a clothing resale app, but you can sell more than clothing there. If you’re interested in Poshmark, it is a place where you can sell items and make some extra cash. Here are some examples of things you can sell there, beyond clothing. You can sell unused makeup. You can sell lightly-used makeup. I know that sounds weird, but for instance — if you’ve used a blush one time, somebody else could want that. Especially without paying full price.

Create your store and sell your new or used clothing or items through the app. It’s very easy. You can take pictures through the app. Put in your description, the title, the price any the category of the item. After this, you list it. People will see what you have for sale by following you, or searching for your items.

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The shipping for Poshmark is one of the main questions I get. The buyer will pay for shipping. You do not pay for shipping. The app makes it easy to ship your products. If somebody buys your item, you get an email immediately with the shipping label. You print the shipping label, and then send everything via Priority Mail.

Go to the post office. Stick the package in one of the priority mailboxes, with your label on it. You can then leave, without paying for shipping. You don’t have to buy boxes. It’s very easy and the app handles everything. Payments are automatic and will go to your checking account that you specify in the app.


The second option I recommend to make extra cash is working for Favor. Some of you may have heard of Favor, or used it yourself. This is a method of making money that I’m using currently. I recommend that you do this if you’re looking for extra work.
Here is a description of Favor services from their site:

Use Favor to get anything delivered in under an hour. Whether you want food delivery from Whataburger or a quick errand from Target, we can help! Order restaurant delivery from all your favorite, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, Torchy’s Tacos and more. Our delivery assistants, we call them Runners, keep you updated every step of the way. Delivery fees as low as $1 from select stores and restaurants.
As you apply for Favor, they schedule you to watch a 30-minute training session where they tell you about the job. They explain what it entails. The next step is you will sit with someone for a two hour “ride along”. During that time, you watch them do “Favors”. It’s a little awkward, but not a big deal. After this, they sign you up. The entire process of this initiation is around 2 1/2 hours.

I like doing Favor versus any of the other apps that are out there. You’re by yourself, you don’t have anybody in your car and you’re on your own time. You can listen to your own music. It’s like being a waitress, but you’re chilling in your own car and listening to your own music.

When working for Favor, you’re hustling. You’re getting in front of places and dropping things off. You keep 100% of your tips, which is awesome. You keep a percentage of the Favor values. I don’t want to get into too many details of how it works. If interested, they’ll tell you everything.

If you schedule during the designated hours, you’re guaranteed nine dollars an hour. I know you may want more than that, but nine dollars is the least per hour (you could make more).

To do a good job, focus on communication and offering friendly customer service. I like it. I’ve made decent extra money with Favor.

Offering Your Talents as a Service

My third recommendation is to offer a service or talent that you have for extra money. You may have some exceptional skill in an area. You may know how to spray paint furniture, make nice graphic designs or can do hair and makeup. Offer these as a service to people. It doesn’t have to be formal, but that could become an option in the future.

Search online for freelance websites. There are many tasks online that you can perform which will pay an hourly rate. Put yourself out there if there are things you are good at. Come up with a rate and find people who need services you can provide.

Create a Blog or Website

This is a very popular method of making money online. If you enjoy it, a blog or website can make excellent money for you. Its a strategy that requires passion. There are many things you will need to learn. You should not only know how to write well, but how to do it in a way that search engines will provide visitors to your blog. It requires strategy. You will also need to write about profitable topics. There are many options available when creating a blog to make money. You will need to learn how to place advertisements on your website. Its income is not limited by the amount of hours you work. I recommend this method of making money, because it has great potential.

Drop Shipping

The final idea I have for you to make money is something called “drop shipping”. I won’t get into deep detail, but I will give you the basics. You will source a product from somewhere online and then you sell it on another platform. You are serving as the middleman between a bulk supplier and the end buyer.

Following is an example of how this works. Let’s say you want to buy a couch you found on Amazon for $250. Someone may have found a place where they can buy that couch for $175 and drop ship it to you. They keep the difference as profit.

The person who sold the couch for $175 never touched that item. You placed the order, they received your order and then placed an order with a drop shipper. The drop shipper sent the item to you. You paid $250 to the person who listed on Amazon. The person who listed paid $175 to the drop shipper.

There are a world of products out there which you can use this technique with. It doesn’t have to be with Amazon, you could promote items on your own website. All that matters is you know where you can get an item for cheap, and you know where to get a customer who will pay more. The remaining element is a shipper who will drop ship an item to your customer.


The first method is for people who are broke (if you can’t even afford ramen noodles). It’s perfect for people that literally have no money in their bank account. We’re going to find a demand on ebay, and we’re going to find a supplier for that demand. Once we find a supplier, we’re going to connect the buyer with the supplies. That’s it. There’s no products. There’s nothing you have to worry about. All you have to do is find the demand, and supply it.

Go to eBay and type in something simple and random that is a product. For example, type in something like “bunkbed”. You will be able to look at what is selling, and what has been sold. If you look at all of these, you’ll see which products have been sold and even how much competition there is for selling the item. View how many have been sold in the last 52 weeks, how much they’ve sold for and how much competition each item has.

Do this in Google Chrome. This next tip is going to blow your mind. You can right click on any image you see, and then Google Chrome will give you the option to “Search Google For Image”. Click on a photo of a product, then right-click it. Then select “Search Google For Image”. The results you see will be many other locations on the internet where that image is hosted. Check those pages out. Some will be selling that item. Some will be selling that item <em>cheaper</em> than you find it listed on eBay. That means you could use that location as a source to purchase the product, that you would sell for more money on eBay.

Some of these locations will be drop shippers. That means you’ll never have to handle the product. When someone orders from you on eBay, you contact the company and purchase the item. You will have that item ship to the customer who bought from you. You can then pocket the difference.

There are millions of different items available on eBay. The sky is the limit on how much you can use this technique to find popular selling items on ebay, locate a cheaper source and then become the middleman. As long as you focus on items that sell well and have high turnover volume, this can be a great moneymaker.


The next way to make $100 a day, even if you’re broke, is through Facebook. Go to Facebook and type in the niche of some product type. What is a niche? It’s a group of people who are passionate about a particular subject. It could be sports, knitting, learning basketball or hockey. For people who are really into a niche, their interest in that group is ingrained in their identity. They are willing to buy products for it. For instance, in sports niches the people will be interested in jerseys. If someone is into Michael Jordan, for instance, they will be into the Bulls and interested in buying products they can wear which reflect the team.

Another niche is fishing. These people might be interested in fishing tackle or novelty clothing which feature fish. You could promote a blog about fishing, where people will come to your blog and read your articles. You could then promote fishing products on your website and have a steady stream of visitors from facebook who may be interested in buying them. You could create a Shopify store and sell fishing products on it. Link to your Shopify store as you talk with people in the fishing niche group.

Unlike eBay, who controls the traffic to your listings — you can promote a Shopify store and own the traffic. If you are willing to put in the work and separate yourself from competitors, you can make good money selling products on Shopify. You can get the traffic to your Shopify store from Facebook pretty easy if you pick the right niche.

These are a few ideas for making extra cash. They are things you can start today. You don’t need to invest money or stock a product. They are quite simple, and many millions of people do these things to make extra money on the side.

Cori is a twenty-something, Houstonian who’s out here to help women (and men) be the best version of themselves.  She believes in living a balanced life and strives to help others find their own version of  “balance”.