What are Beneficiary Loans?

Beneficiary loans are a personal loan for people on benefits. They are unsecured loans, which means you don’t need to provide collateral when you borrow. The lender offers a loan based on your income received from benefits. Benefits can be considered as fixed monthly payments from court settlements, retirement income, structured payments from a will and any other scenario with regular interval income.

When you have good credit, you are more likely to be approved for a personal loan and be offered a lower interest rate. However, you can likely get a loan even if you have bad credit — albeit the interest and fees will be higher. If you are in need of fast cash today, we encourage you to click the “apply” button above and submit your application.

There are many types of benefits which could qualify you to obtain a loan. Examples of these can be found at the Ministry of Social Development website, entitled “A-Z Benefits and payments – Work and Income“. We also discuss these many types of benefits below. These are all considered income, and will be evaluated if you wish to apply for a loan while being on benefits.

Beneficiary Loans

What are Loans for People on Benefits?

If your income comes from benefits, you realise sometimes that payment doesn't come as fast as you need it sometimes. When you need an emergency loan for benefits, you prefer to get it as quickly as possible. You can submit your application today and receive a quick decision. We are a loan introducer that specializes in payday loans. We work with many lenders that are registered with the NZ government, who can lend you sums between $100 and $1000. These are available to people on benefits.

When you are on benefits, it is not necessary to be employed to qualify for a payday loan. This is because the income from your benefits is what is considered instead of an employment cheque, to determine whether you can afford a loan. There are many types of benefits; some come from the NZ government, some are awarded as part of a court case, and some are structured payments from a will. This type of income can qualify you to receive a loan.

What are Loans for Beneficiaries?

If you need an emergency loan for beneficiaries and do not know where to turn for cash to get you through to your next pay cheque, and if your credit is poor, consider submitting your loan application with us. You can apply for amounts ranging between $100 and $1000. Following are hypothetical amounts you could qualify for.

Payday Loan for BeneficiariesAmount
Cash Loans$100
Beneficiary Loans for Unemployed$200
Beneficiaries Loans NZ$300
Same Day Beneficiaries Loan$400
Guaranteed Approval NZ$500
Beneficiary Loans Bad Credit$600
No Credit Check$700
Unsecured Beneficiaries Loans$800
No Security Loans$900
Fast Beneficiaries Loans$1000

Can I get a Loan with No Credit Check?

Many people ask whether we must do a credit check on their loan. The answer is -- it depends on your specific situation. First, we are a loan introducer, so we coordinate your loan application with several NZ registered lenders who then display an interest in your loan. Depending on how much you request, how much you receive in benefits and other factors, a final determination is made whether no credit check loans NZ can be given to you. Sometimes you will receive a "no credit check loan for benefits" by submitting your application to us, sometimes not. It is free to apply however, so we urge you to submit your application today.

Consider that many people are in the same situation, where they believe they have poor credit and likely would not qualify for a loan. Many of these people submit their application anyway and do qualify. Once approved, money is sent quickly. You can have the cash arrive at your bank account within hours -- often the same day, and often within 24 hours.

What are Unsecured Loans for Beneficiaries?

When a person qualifies to receive a loan, they can either be "secured" or "unsecured". An unsecured loan means there is no collateral put up to protect the lender's interests should the borrower default on their loan. On the other hand, a secured loan is where an item of value, such as a vehicle or a home, is put up as collateral in case a person defaults. If a person refuses to pay, the lender then has a claim to the vehicle or property used as collateral.

We do not offer secured loans, only unsecured. There is never any collateral used to receive your cash loan. This type of loan is also called a "signature loan", because all that is required to get one is a signature. If you need an unsecured loan for benefits, please submit your application today for a quick decision.

What are Bad Credit Loans for Beneficiaries?

Many people believe their credit is worse than it actually is. Every day we process hundreds of applications of people who think their credit is pretty bad. While their credit may not be good enough to get a conventional bank loan, lenders of bad credit payday loans NZ have different criteria they value when lending money to someone. They are more interested in your ability to repay. If you are a beneficiary, this may qualify you to receive a loan, even if you have bad credit. It is completely free to apply, so submit your application today for a quick decision.

Loans for bad credit typically cost more, with a higher APR interest rate and sometimes fee, depending on which lender you use. It is free to submit your application through us. Every day we help match loans to borrowers, even though they believe their credit history would prevent their qualification. The application page only takes a few moments to fill out. Do so and submit your application today!