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How do I qualify for our
Payday Loan lender-finding service?

  • Be over 18 years of age.
  • Have a direct contact number.
  • Receive a regular income into a personal bank account for at least 90 days.


Loan amounts: $300 - $10,000
Repayment period: 12 months - 24 months

Representative example: Example is based on a monthly interest rate of 9% and an AIR of 108%. WARNING: This is a repayment estimate only. Your lender will determine the exact fees, terms and loan amounts available for you, which may alter your repayments. Annualised Interest Rates (AIR) could be as high as 292% depending on your personal situation.
Note, your lender may offer you different terms, fees or loan amounts based on your individual circumstances, needs and their own lending criteria. Please check your contract before signing.


Loan amount: 2,500
Term: 13 months
Total interest: $1702.80
Total payable $4,202.80
Weekly instalments $75.05

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For Help and Advice with money trouble, visit

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How to Get a No Credit Check Loan in NZ?

Why choose a NO credit check payday loan? If your credit score is poor, you'll find that most traditional lending institutions like banks reject your loan requests after they have checked your credit profile. The good news however is that our loans don't require background checks on your credit profile.

A no credit check loan can be described as a person who desires to apply for a loan, without having their credit checked. There are many reasons why someone would not want their credit checked if they are applying for a loan. One would be they believe they have bad credit which would disqualify them from obtaining a loan. Another reason is they may be afraid that having their credit checked will result in their credit score temporarily lowered as a result of too many checks.

It is not realistic to expect a loan without a credit check. Lenders are required to make responsible lending decisions and typically will use your credit score to limit their risk and, therefore, be able to offer cheaper loans with less interest. While it may be possible to get a loan without a credit check if you are getting a second or third loan from a lender, first time lenders will typically need to check your credit file.

We do not guarantee no credit check loans here at Kiwi Cash, especially for first-time lenders. This is because we are a loan introducer, we pull your credit one time and share it with multiple lenders. This is helpful if you really need to get a loan, but want a minimum amount of pulls on your credit. If you approach many loan companies, you may find your credit is pulled several times. By applying with Kiwi, multiple lenders are able to review your loan and make an offer, while your credit is only pulled once.

Payday loans, such as those you can get from Kiwi Cash, also called personal or unsecured loans (also signature lending), are advanced on the basis of the borrowers credit-history and ability to repay. Repayment is usually through fixed amount installments over a fixed term. Also called consumer loan.

No credit check lending is not available from Kiwi Cash. Do not let that prevent you from applying for a loan through us. By submitting your application to Kiwi Cash, your credit is pulled once and shared with our lending partners. That means you get several opportunities for getting a loan, with only one credit check. It is usually assumed that people who receive this type of loan have a poor history of borrowing, otherwise they would opt for a cheaper product, such as a conventional bank loan.

You can submit your application to Kiwi Cash. We are new in NZ and work hard to match your request with a direct lender who is interested in lending money to you. Whether you are unemployed, on benefits, desire to borrow money unsecured and need it as quick as possible, we do our best to assist you. Click the apply button now and submit your application for a rapid evaluation and quick loan decision, conducted entirely online.

What are bad credit lenders? Getting the best loan when you have poor credit can be difficult. In order to maximize your chances of securing funding, we work with many companies who could be interested in lending to you. Each of these companies are NZ Government Registered Financial Service Providers. While many companies may look at someone having a bad history of credit as a disqualifying status, others focus more on employment or benefits an applicant may be receiving. For a fair go, apply with us and we’ll do our best to find a lender that can offer a bad credit loan NZ. Our network of financial service providers provide a larger audience for your request.

What are beneficiary loans? Beneficiary loans are for people who may or may not have a job, yet would like to borrow money based on fixed payments they receive. These payments may come from court settlements, a will, trust fund payments and other types of monies an applicant may receive on a fixed basis. Many lenders will evaluate beneficiary payments as a source of income that strengthens the case that you can afford to borrow. Would you like to apply for a beneficiary loan? Click the "apply now"; button today!

NZ Loans No Credit Checks

Instant loans no credit checks online approval NZ may be the quick cash solution you need when you're in a bind. If you need loans fast though, finding the right lender can be tricky. That's where Kiwi Cash comes in. Our lender-finder service can potentially match you with reputable lenders offering loans up to $10,000.

Are you unemployeed, yet still need to borrow money? One way that you may qualify, even if you don’t have a job, is if you are receiving benefits. Your credit may play a larger factor if you are needing to borrow, yet are unemployed. It may be more difficult to receive funding unsecured, yet you may still qualify if you have benefits or your credit isn’t completely bad. In any event, it is free to apply.

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What are guaranteed payday lenders or guaranteed beneficiary lending? No funding can be guaranteed. However, it is free to apply. If you are experiencing a financial crisis, applying for a personal loan is the only way you’re guaranteed to have a chance at getting one! If you need a loan and want guaranteed approval, apply with Kiwi Cash and know that we will look over your application quickly and give you an instant decision on whether or not you wualify to receive a loan from the companies we work with.

Apply for a quick cash loan today and if you are accepted, funds will be sent to your bank account quickly and conveniently. While not every application is accepted, we have a high acceptance rate and you can qualify with many types of income sources, including beneficiary, employment or other types of income. You can resolve your financial crisis today by applying for a cash loan from Kiwi Cash.